Ahmed Naxeem

Experienced Designer, Front-end Developer

Hey there!, I am a designer who enjoys coding as much as I do design.
On a typical day, you will find me fiddling with UI mockups on Sketch, tweaking it on Sublime Text using Sass and Html with javascript sprinkled all over it.

I'm based in the beautiful Maldives, working a full-time job as a Senior Developer and doing freelance work on the side. I am a self-taught developer. Can't say the same about design, though, since I have a Bachelor of Arts, with honors, in Graphic Design from Northumbria University, UK.

Work Experience

Allied Insurance

Nov 2014 - Present Senior Developer Dec 2013 - Nov 2014 Web Developer

We Are Designers

Nov 2013 - Jan 2014 Web Designer
Dec 2011 Freelance Flash Expert



To start with, I am a skilled graphic designer. I have a good grasp of branding and layout design. Today, my ability to create user interfaces has far surpassed any other skill that I have. My workflow involves me switching between Sketch and live coding so much that I can create functional designs quickly.

Sketch App Photoshop CS Illustrator CS Sass BackboneJs AngularJs Hybrid Apps Git